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Introducing a New Way of Living

Living Off The Grid

Living off the grid

There are certainly some advantages to living off the grid. Some ways we generate a great lifestyle for you are as follows:

  • ​ Solar Panels (no more power bills)
  • ​Large solar battery storage (for all those cloudy days)
  • ​Gas hot water system (for ongoing HOT water)
  • ​Gravity Fed Tank Water (no power required to pump water)
  • ​Internet Connectivity (don’t worry – you’ll still be connected)

The ongoing costs associated with living off the grid are much less than paying standard residential costs. Once set up, it’s very manageable.

This is the lifestyle change you’ve been dreaming of

Enjoy Some You-Time

Imagine waking up in a home so peaceful, when you go outside with your morning cuppa, that you can not only hear the birds chirping, but it’s so quiet, that you can hear their wings flapping as the finches play and jostle.

Your outlook is not just your backyard, but thousands of acres of picturesque rocky bushland and rolling hills, creeks and valleys; to the point where you can see the weather changing from miles away in any direction. Watch the clouds come in with the rain, watch the sun rise and set, it’s all there with no obstructions.

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